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Australia, Ambient, Electronic, Experimental, Production - Musicbed, Classical - Neoclassical

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Hinc | Modo
An emotive piece that could be used to describe a person's feelings toward another person or life-event.
A melancholic piano-driven piece that could be used to describe a need to find a home or the need to move away from a past-life.
Me & You
An ambient, guitar-driven piece that is as peaceful as it is melancholic.
Hello Paper Moon
An ambient, guitar-driven track suitable for reflective, narrative media or meditation-related media
About You Are Us
I've been actively playing music for over a decade as a bass player and have been composing music since 2010. In that time I have been fortunate to work on a number of award-winning short films and commercial projects. I am passionate about the ambient-genre and it's effectiveness in story-telling. As an artist I have produced a number of ambient works over the years, many of which have been refined and released in 2019.