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United States, Hiphop, Rnb, Soul

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About WuLords
Emerging from Hazelwood, a small neighborhood in Pittsburgh, PA, three brothers become the forefront of a huge hip hop force called the WuLords. Carrying on the legacy of the legendary Wu Tang Clan, the three brothers use mind bending lyrical combinations and edgy hardcore underground beats to blow away their listeners. This movement will soon be known as the metamorphosis of hip hop because of their unpredictability and wittiness. Implementing the lessons of Sun Tzu’s Art of War, the members of the WuLords take the 13 Chapters and use it as the blueprint for the groups’ future 13 albums.The three main members are Z1 Nation, Lord Elite, and D.I.G.I.. At the end of 2010 going into 2011, the three brothers met the Wu Tang Clan outside of the Sheraton Hotel in Station Square in Pittsburgh, PA. There the three vibed with the Clan and explained their plan to bring real hip hop back to the masses and continuing what the Wu Tang Clan started. The Wu Tang Clan was pleased by their plan and there the WuLords were born. The WuLords’ plan was created before they met Wu Tang Clan but before they released this project, out of respect, they had to meet them to get the green light. Ever since, the three brothers and many other Lord members attacked tracks with the passion and dedication to bring integrity and the real back into hip hop. The WuLords have now been on the same stages with platinum artists and legendary hip hop acts such as: Wu Tang ClanWu BlockMobb DeepKiller MikeCappadonnaT.I.Who are the WuLords?WuLords is a Hip Hop group that brings an action packed, intelligent, edgy lyrical aspect in the art of Hip Hop. Using Sun Tzu's Art of War, WuLords take the 13 chapters of the teachings and implement them into their music. With a mysterious appearance coming from the WuLords, all the members and allies from the crew aren't revealed yet but they unfold as the chapters evolve.WuLords are in a war of Lyrical Content A.K.A. “Knowledge vs. Nonsense”. WuLords' main objective is to keep Hip Hop pure and get into the minds, hearts and souls of the masses and give the people    what the game has been missing...skills. The opposing forces want to strip Hip Hop of its core value, creativity, and sound. The WuLords will infiltrate without being infiltrated. Will appear as the sheep but will be wolves. They will strike unexpectedly and use allies as misdirection and bait to conquer their opponents.The origin of the WuLords name came from the State of Wu, (which was the state that the legendary military strategist Sun Tzu led into battle) and the UNDALRDS (the movement the main members of the WuLords represent). The WuLords overall were very fascinated in the war of Wu vs. Chu. They were fascinated because the State of Wu was proportionately small compared to their opponents, the State of Chu. Yet the strategic military tactics Wu used made them victorious. These tactics were written into 13 chapters on bamboo strips. These are called the Art of War. The WuLords believe that in their generation of music they are outnumbered. There aren't anybody laying down tracks like theWuLords do being incredible emcees; Bringing knowledge as well as edgy sharpness to the game. The WuLords are in a game of pop-rap where there's nothing but partying, smoking and nonsense. Hence the battle “Knowledge vs Nonsense.” Inspired by the war and the State of Wu, they took the name and combined it with the UNDALRDS name creating the group, The WuLords.All the members aren't revealed however, the WuLords do have a face; Three members known as “the Messengers”. Deadly lyrical experts that are protected by “The Assassins”. They are protected because the hold the message and the key to self awareness and spiritual longevity. The Messengers are Z1 Nation, Lord Elite, and D.I.G.I. Shotgun.The WuLords are trained lyrical experts of lyrical battle prepared for a battle only they can fight. If you love music, real Hip Hop, and skills, then follow the journey and enter the Wuology of the Art of War.