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Built For Battle
About Wolfp.a.c.k
 It grabs you by the throat and never lets go... In 2007, 4 musicians from the Southernmost part of the Netherlandsjoined forces, with only one mission: to produce a deafening "straight-in-your-face Death Metal". No thrills, just thumping Metal delivered with deadly precision. Made by fans, for the fans.  The name of that tank rolling on a pile of corpses is Wolfp.a.c.k., remember that name! Wolfp.a.c.k.'s band members are all experienced veterans, who've left  their mark on the local music scene, bringing their musical fury on many stages. From their different backgrounds, they each brought their influences like Industrial, Punk and Crossover but they share one passion… "Crushing Death Metal". Wolfp.a.c.k. is:Arjen Buis : DrumsRonald Donkervoort : Bass guitarKamiel Meijers : GuitarClint Tillemans : Vocals In 2011, Wolfp.a.c.k.'s first CD (going by the name of "I") is finally ready to be proudly presented to the metal world. The first reactions are good and positive feedbacks keep flowing in, from Canada to Turkey, from Denmark to Slovenia, and many other places. Here's your chance to listen to it and decide for yourself! Check de site: www.wolf ofmyspace: [email protected]