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About WhiteRoom
 Sunlight is made up of a full spectrum of colors. As it reflects off an object, certain shades of light are absorbed and others are reflected. These reflected colors form the images that reach our eyes. Unfiltererd White Light contains every image you have seen and will ever see.The Static you hear from a dead radio contains a full spectrum of sound all at equal volumes. It is said that within that invisible unfiltered noise, hidden in plain site, is every piece of music that will be, and ever has been written.By the time Alex Dray and Eddy Silva had founded WhiteRoom, they had spent much of their lives trying to absorb as much human static as the body can take before going crazy. Dangerously close to the breaking point, it was clear that the only stress relief was to decipher, filter and sculpt their own version of the Great Universal Static. The result is an absorbing new musical gestalt: a twisted and unconscious homage to paying attention and letting go.WhiteRoom easily establishes a firm foundation of Introspective Indie Rock while drifting fluidly between latin jazz, urban beats, haunting trip-hop and romantic cinema sound-scapes.In a rare show of creative unification, the group draws on everything and anything within reach, breathing musical life into laptop screens and synthesizers as easily as into acoustic guitars and upright pianos. With a firm grasp of classic song-writing at its base, each song is infused with a quiet sense of dream-like storytelling.Right now: WhiteRoom finds itself emerging as a clear voice to the guerilla DIY rise of next-generation composers. With their roots anchored healthily in the nurturing Montreal music scene, they are ready to branch out all over the networks of the world.