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Germany, Jazz - Acidjazz, Adultcontemporary, Jazz - Afro-cuban jazz, Electronic - Chillwave, Electronic - Drumnbass, Electronic, Funk, Jazz

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4 tracks
Sample tracks
Energetic and futuristic D'n'B Track, has lots of dramatic tempo & harmonica changes. Very good for cinematic landscapes or multimedia environments.
Chilled Peppers
Flowing, relaxed groove. Smoth Production. Chords driven guitar solo, cozy electronica.
Avenue B Flat
Urban feeling, nightlife, action. Acidish jazz-funk groove with cool brass and funky organ solo
Carlitos Groove
Cool, 70's style acid-jazz track, relaxed and groovy with a waving Flute solo.
About Waveselector
Instrumental and Background music for ads, movies, YouTube channels, websites, and other media projects!