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Despicable Life-Under The Abyss
Rise Of The Apocalypse-Under The Abyss
Awaken by Hate-Under The Abyss
Another day to survive-Under The Abyss
About Under The Abyss
Determination, certainly the word wich brings Under The Abyss To a growing creativity...All being beginners The band formed in 2004.The 5 membres aged between 20 and 22 years old, draw their inspirations in severals influences from heavy and thrash to a more modern orientation of a metal style at the same time melodic, putting in front effective rythms leading them to the developement of their own style.In 2006, Under The Abyss Released a four title demo ( dawn of everything ) a heavy metal style demo.At the end of 2008, the band recorded four new songs demo at Tarmac Studio heralding of a modern and effective Thrash orientationIn October 2009 Damien accept to play bass, and on january 2011 after the leaving of christophe on drums, Lucas Joly accept to contribute to the history of the band.After having shared the stage with worldvide known bands like: Sodom , Shining or Koritni at Motocultor Festival, band members are determinated to go forward in their passion, Music...