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Turkey, Electronic - Breakbeat, Classical - Choral, Classical, Corporate, Ambient - Darkambient, Electronic, Electronic - Electronica, Filmscore, Indie - Indierock, Production - Jingle, Production - Logo, Newage, Rock, Production - Stinger, Symphonic, Production - Trailer, Electronic - Trance, World

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Emotional Uplifting Beat
Groovy hip hop beat groove with upligting melancholic motives and ambiance vocal samples
About Umit_Y
Ümit Yildirim was born on 9th March 1975 in Istanbul, Turkey.He has been statrting Trance Music with his unique Symphonic and Filmscore style since 2008, and takes his inspiration from Classical music.He is interested in exploring the use of orchestral elements and ancient-ethnic instruments from around the world in his work. He is looking forward to the day when his music will be used as a filmscore.