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About Total Cardiac Eclipse
Total Cardiac Eclipse is the result of a young dude's aspiration to find something to do while bored. He then proceeded to screw around with FL studio until he got something he liked. Then he listened to it the next day and found it stupid. After awhile of this happening again and again he finally got some stuff made that he could listen to the next day and not grimace at it. What you hear is the stuff that I did not grimace at. The name Total Cardiac Eclipse comes not from the Bonnie Tyler song (which I despise) but from The Uncylopedia article. A total cardiac eclipse is the event in which your body covers up your heart to prevent sunlight from reaching it. Due to the human structure of the human body, this is not a significant occurence. If you want to know the next time you have a total cardiac eclipse, check your calender for the next date you do not have open heart surgery.