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About Top Too
 Hey! We're that up-and-coming that no one's heard of! We used to have 3 members, A, B and C, but B and C left and A is picking up where the music left off. We say up-and-coming because we only have a single - but we're in the midst of making a real album so don't go away! Or, rather, go away for about three months but come back then! Really! We compose on a software synth and haven't mastered the art of digital mastering yet, so until Band Member A finishes reading up on how to do that, things might sound a little chunky on a high-end audio system. But rest assured- when we release our first album it'll sound great! Just don't expect too much from the single :P If you like our music, please fav it; if you love our music, we assure you we love donations! (PS: It goes without saying, but saying it makes things clearer: the more donations we have, even if it's $0.01 donations, the faster we'll work! ^.^ )