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Too Many I's

US, Indie, Metal, Punk, Rock

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About Too Many I's
••• TOO MANY I'S •••Too Many I's is a punk rock band !Half-Californian, Half-FrenchSeptember 2005. Two french guitar players land in New York with ideas of speed punk and gorgeous melodies in their heads. They quickly roam through the ad jungle and luckily stumble upon the two srapping young lads who will become the drummer and bass player of Too Many I's. A few rehearsals, cigarettes and cokes later, they have developed a potent sound.••• Check out our other artists & releases •••••• Bands •••TOO MANY I'S - noise punkrock from BrooklynHUNT CLUB - noise rock from BrooklynIN FADED GLORY - european alternative rockSEVENLESS - electronica ambient IDM glitchSOLEIL VERT - stoner rock from ParisRED WINTER - politically engaged metal••• Collaborations •••REVOLUTION VOID - Effects of Elevation (Sevenless Remix)