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Electronic - Triphop

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Between Two Nights
About ThunderFuzz
As with every sound, thunder carries a complex emotion. It is fierce and heavy, scary and mysterious at the same time. Its corresponding image, splitting dark skies with a blinding flash of the lighting, completes a picture which is equally frightening and fascinating. For Bartek and Camille, the concept of ThunderFuzz is deeply rooted in these emotions. Even though they come from completely different environments, they share similar fascination with dark electronic sounds. She, French, originates from classical musical upbringing, having started piano lessons at the age of 7. He, Polish/Luxembourgish, returned to music after running away from a corporate life and a career of a business analyst. The place where they met for the first time, Luxembourg City, couldn’t have been more random and unexpected. Yet it began a passionate conversation about music, which resulted in a collaboration and then a full album. And there's more to come!