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The Elderbranch Campaign

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The Ascension Of Dead Children's Souls
Forging The Collective Soul Of The Terracotta Army
Climax Of The Sacred Disease
Monitoring Ghosts At The Interdimensional Rift
Lamentations For The Eroded
About The Elderbranch Campaign
The Elderbranch Campaign is an experimental dark ambient industrial collaboration between American artist G M Slater (Occurrences In Rain, The Insight Of Blindness) and U.K. artist Stephen Surreal ne Rook (~UNUNE~, Agony for Pleasure). The two began corresponding after discovering each others music on Last.FM. After several months of offering comments and advice on each others material, the idea of collaborating slowly took shape.Their first album, Soundtracks For Departure was released in November. 2012. Their second album, Soundscapes Of The Weathered was released in December 2012. They are currently recording their third album which is due out in early 2013.