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The Cube Grayhouse

Chile, Ambient, Ambient - Drone, Electronic - Electronica, Experimental

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Mr. Grayhouse had no telephone
Ambient/Drone track made as an experiment.
The Sun rises again
Originally named "Welcome", this track was another approach to ambient and electronic music. This time it includes a sequenced guitar which was never replaced for a real one in order to maintain the synthetic feeling it adds to the song.
The Cube
This track was originally produced on 2013 for a short trailer of a sci-fi story that was never published.
Written for The Cube Grayhouse project as an introduction for Mr. Grayhouse -the man living inside The Cube. A horrible vision for anyone -heavily breathing, sitting on his big chair in front of multiple screens, observing every move of those who were outside The Cube.
About The Cube Grayhouse
The Cube Grayhouse is one of the projects by self-taught music producer Pablo G. created in order to share experimental tracks, which include ambient and electronic.