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Choice (Demo 2005)
Apprentice of Fire (Demo 2007)
Last Call For Ya Worthy (Demo 2008)
About Smiler
Band was originally formed in 2004 in Uzice, Serbia, as meta tribute band. In the summer of 2005 they recorded and produced a 3 demo-tracks with hope to take a part of rock festival "Zajecarska Gitarijada" in Zajecar. The victory at the "Jagodina rock festival" gives them an opportunity to play at the Zajecar festival "Zajecarska Gitarijada" as only demo-band from Uzice. Smiler made a huge succes at the MTV Adria - Catch the Frequency 2007 regional competition, and thanx to SMS-voting entered directly in TOP 10 in Adriatic Area. Year 2008 was Big Breakthrough for us... Exclusive world premiere of Smiler's demo video for "Apprentice Of Fire". Video was aired on MTV Adria on August 4th, 2008 as a part of video rotation on legendary metal show Headbangers Ball. In january 2010. band will enter the studio and record the very first (long waited) album. Mini tour around Serbia should start in the summer of 2010.Members:Nikola Kosic - bass, vocalsDragan Gavrilovic - guitarsDragan Grujic - guitarsLuka Jelisavcic - drumsIgnjat Milicevic (ex member) - electric piano