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US, Rock - Alternativerock, Rock - Bluesrock, Corporate, Indie - Indierock, Pop Rock, Rock

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The Guitar Action Sport Rock_Skinny Atlas Music_Main
“The Guitar Action Sport Rock” by Skinny Atlas Music is a sport rock guitar track with loads of lead guitar and riff selections. This track features vocal elements, horns, and guitar solos. This track is built for media projects about lifestyle, adventure, exploration, discovery, accomplishments, automotive, treasure, hard work, nature and animals. It also works for advertising, sports videos, or presentations. Highlight your media project with a great combination of classic upbeat electric guitar tones, riffs, choruses, solos and heavy drums. “The Guitar Action Sport Rock” is royalty-free background music created for media projects, vlogs, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, stories, Tiktok videos, digital marketing video, advertising, business, marketing and much more…
About Skinny Atlas Music
Hello, I am a guitarist who performs live with an iconic heavy metal vocalist and a bassist from thrash metals most iconic band, therefore, most of my tracks available in my portfolio feature the guitar as the main instrument, or they incorporate elements of the guitar in some creative way. Please enjoy my music!