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417 Hz - Marmalade
About Siarhei Korbut
Hi! I'm Siarhei. As a music composer, I have always been drawn to the ethereal, encompassing sounds. My passion lies in creating of all types of ambient music (meditation, new age, soundscape, chillout, ambient hip-hop and other). My music explores the intersection of melody and atmosphere, weaving together sonic textures to create a truly unique listening experience. Whether it's through relaxing chillhop rhythms or haunting dark ambient tones, my goal is to create a space for listeners to unwind and escape the chaos of everyday life. Join me on a journey of sound and emotion, where each track is a step deeper into the infinite expanse of ambient music. โ–ถ๏ธ Visit my music channels: @calmcomposer - anime background, relaxing music; @elvenimm - elven civilization, nature music; @ZenSide - black screens, solfeggio freq, binaural; @sleepside - 15 min videos; @ambient-hero - dark ambient music.