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Shahzad Santoo Khan

Pakistan, World - Asian, World - Oriental

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Shahzad Santoo Khan started the training of music in very early age from his father. Afterwards Shahzad learned the Rhythms of Qawali from Ustad Mubarik Ali Khan, and then his first and passion for music took him to his family teaching institution "Gwaliaar Gharana", from where he took the classical ragas training from the legendry Ustad Ghullam Hussain Shagan, Which polished his musical abilities brilliantly. Shahzad has great control on Qawali Rhythms as well on the classical ragas and claps, which makes him very unique Qawal in the present era. Shehzad has played all over the Pakistan and India and in the International Mystique Sufi Festival 2013. He was awarded with Guru Nanak award in 2008. Since 2014, Shahzad Santoo khan Qawal & now his is 2015 to 2017 perform in france paris india .& more countries
About Shahzad Santoo Khan
Shahzad Santoo Khan Qawal is Grandson of Legendry Santoo Khan Qawal and student of the Great Musical family of Gwaliaar Gharana. The Gharana of Shahzad Santoo khan