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About Seven Thousand
Seven Thousand is a Rock / Metal band from Évora, Portugal.Formed by Luís Barata (guitar) and Luís Canudo (drums), they started writing songs together and rehearsing in 2007.One year later, Daniel Catarino, who already played with drummer Canudo in Moneymaking Machine, jammed some bass over those songs, and then invited singer André Pombinho to join in.After the first concerts, the band needed some additional guitar power, and so Carlos Carvalho, from the band Blackstage, took the job. At a certain point, when Catarino had to leave the country for some months, Yoann Crochet, bass player for Uaninauei, was invited to replace him, and after his return, there was no will to kick anyone out of the band, so Daniel switched from bass to third guitar. Seven Thousand finished recording the first EP at Ultrasound Studios, Moita, with Nuno Pardal and Hugo Andrade (Switchtense). The first song is available now, the EP will come out soon.Some say we're too heavy for a rock band, some say we're not heavy enough for a metal band, we say that we don't really care. We just play what we like.