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Suede Merit's Doss House
Pint Size Poet
As If I Didn't
Moby Dickens
About School Girl Report
 thee School Girl Report take to the claustrophobic performance space, tuning forks and strings stretched one over the other like a contorted foreskin, these boys were having fun-absolute with it all tonight - its a party damn you, and they turned inward, wacking out infuriatingly odd rhythms and motifs one after the other, necessitating an awkward dance step, a lunge here and jerk there, beer swig here, masonic gesture there, up-up and away in my beautiful typhoon, nasty nasty nasty, swelter swelter wet-heat art-party, cock ring, forehead tattoo, black leather monster, Wendy-O-Williams rip, GG is my father-mother. Chime-bell string-tensity technique used to a great effect, taking this sound innovation further than our graying forefathers Lee and Thurston even, entire songs contructed out of an odd, spastic, precariously dangling riff spectra, scratches, chugging, pumping, ejaculatory drum spats, curious rhythm, nasty vocal delivery, 2 boys having a rather fun time with it all. School Girl Report is a blister-popping purge fest. The audience passed water in response, re-digesting the expectorant through plastic straws. The audience then shed every last piece of skin, chanted the Australian national anthem with a Tibetan buddhist gurgle, and evaporated into viscous crimson pools. - Matt Middleton