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United States, Country - Americana, Blues, Electronic - Chillout, Classical, Corporate, Hiphop - Gangstarap, Hiphop, Pop, Punk - Poppunk, Production, Hiphop - Rap, Rnb, Rock, Rock - Rocknroll, Singer-Songwriter, Soul, Spokenword, Hiphop - Trap, World

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Im Here (Grind Dont Stop)
The track represents the everyday work that everyone undergoes pursuing their dreams. This is the first Single that Savanna Smith released breaking into the music industry as an independent artist.
About Savanna Smith
Savanna Smith is a Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Actress, Model, Photographer, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist. Her entire life is music and she does everything she can to be involved in every facet of the music industry. Throughout school, she takes part in choir, select choir, orchestra, drama club, swimming, track, and a host of volunteering opportunities that allow her to give back to her community. Writing, producing, and singing her first track at only 14 years old she makes it clear that no matter the age it is never too early to pursue a dream.Savanna Smith is an independent artist that recognizes the importance of ownership allowing her to have complete creative control of the projects that she undergoes. She does everything she can to educate herself and other likeminded individuals on the importance of having ownership of their work. Writing her own music and ghostwriting for others gives her the opportunity to truly create the art that she wants to see in the world. With her inspirations coming from many different genres such as R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, Rock, Classical, Opera, theatre, and so many more gives her a broad range of music to derive her content from.She will be releasing a lot more music soon and cannot wait to leave her mark in the world and its' heart.