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About Roger
During the times of preinformatic revolution member of multiple local bands of miscellaneous musical provenience (Morbid Tales, Yazzgod, The Pronicol B). Cofounder and participant of "Hangar 1530" - cycle of concerts played during 1999 at post-soviet military airport in Bagicz near Kołobrzeg. Founder of impro-experimental formation "Scotbar Roggwid" and one of the organizers of "Project Lighthouse" - cycle of artistic triptychs where music met sculpture and sound-visual installations performed with Wojtek Tężycki in 2002 in lighthouse in Kołobrzeg. For few years leader of Skala duo. Their album "Skalkulator" released in 2005 by Underwater Music got some very good reviews. In the 2006 he participated in hardcore project Cosmic Liar & Murderer. Roger is a nick for his solo projects and the first of them titled "Casually through the galaxy" was released earlier this year by netlabel Legoego.