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United States, Reggae - Dancehall, Hiphop, Pop, Reggae, Rnb, Soul

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About Reybeats
Rey Beats is known as a very versatile Music Producer, Singer and Song Writer born and raised in Jamaica W.I and resides in Queens NY.  He specializes in creating Hip hop, R&B, Dancehall, Reggae and Pop music. Rey Beats began playing the piano at age 9 and while in high school he started to write songs and produce instrumentals, at the age of 15 Rey produced his first R&B instruments on a Yamaha keyboard and tape recorder from there his love for music production never stopped. Rey Beats is the main producer for upcoming Reggae and R&B artist Neashard and many other upcoming local artist, of which he is the executive producer behind their debut single release. While Rey Beats has had success in helping a number of artist craft there songs, he has a distinct and soothing sound, which he brings to the music industry with the help of is LLC Production Company RNR Muzik Group with partners with long time friends Rick Rock and Neashard.As an up-and-coming Producer and Song writer, Rey has released many instrumentals and songs that demonstrations his diversity in the different music genres. A large part of Reys technique consists of blending piano, synths, string, hard knocking drums with live instruments while manipulating different styles of music blending them together and creating instrumentation around the artist vocals. His work also often features the trademark phrase "REY" and a distinctive meaning behind the pronunciation of his name, “Rey Beats”  which means, “king beats.”Rey Beats portrays himself as a musical painter He says that, " Sounds are like colors i uses to paint a musical picture."