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Progredior - Черный Мустанг
Progredior - Hard Soul
Progredior - Intro
Progredior - Welcome To Hell
Progredior - Легион
About Progredior
 Progredior is a metal band from Ukraine formed in 2008 by drummer Dmitriy Bugaev and bass player Demian Kulagin. First name of the band was Sagittarius. Nick Tinyansky became the first guitarist and he played almost one year in Sagittarius. Then these guys invited Nick Shevchenko who became a lead-singer. For a while that band got different musicians like Kirill Kamensky on guitar, Alexi Zukov on keyboards. First episode of the band's history contains few songs: "Black mustang", "Two ways", "From sunset till dawn". Second episode starts from changing members. On guitars started to play Max Ivanchenko and Anton Tolpeev. Guys decided to change band's name and choose one genre for band. So now it's young but powerful band called PROGREDIOR (from lat. - Onward, one who goes forward). 19th august 2010 Progredior released first album with six tracks on a board. Intro for that album was written by Frank B. from Germany. Many thanks for that! All songs were recorded, mixed and mastered at Anton Tolpeev's home studio. Now Progredior is ready for new shows and working on new stuff!