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United Kingdom, Rock

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Emperor Ming
About Plankton
Released here is Emporor Ming, a song recorded by Plankton before their implosion in 1999. Due to go on the "next album" it was never commercially released... until now under Creative commons licence.Here are some Plankton reviews.....Plankton released three 7" singles along with a vinyl album entitled GANJA KILLED THE DINOSAURS This London based four-piece fused indie, experimental and techno they come across to the listener like The Fall doing fifteen rounds with the Happy Mondays. After 3 critically acclaimed 7" singles on Ochre Records plus sell-out shows in London, Plankton emerged as one of the most exciting new bands on the late 90's indie touring circuit. Here are some Plankton reviews: "Seriously bonkers and probably the most original sound all year: hypnotic, Fall-esque funk with jagged guitars....(Record Collector). PLANKTON Ganja Killed the Dinosaurs CD (Ochre Europa) Another one that's been out for some time but is far too good to leave out of the zine just because of its age. Plankton make a bizarre and angular style of music that mixes punk, folk, spacerock, experimental weirdness, indiepop, funk and psych, complete with absurd lyrics and odd time changes. The ranty vocals bring to mind The Fall, but this is just one aspect of Plankton's varied sound. Plankton are not mere copyists, they have an individual sound of their own. Songs like Headless Chicken, Subdub, Boredom and Lola are particularly great. Contact the label - [email protected] Plankton - " Ganja killed the Dinosaurs " *** From the opening of "Apple Crumption , Crumble Pea", it becomes clear that the lunatics have taken over the asylum. "Headless Chicken" is skewered weird punk with vocals that sound like Norm from the Twix ad, Motto sounds like Leonnard Cohen after dropping acid and Subdub is too sleazy for words. Most of the album is New Wave Punk with "Lola" coming across like a modern version of Sham 69 and "Ask" with it's Psychobilly punk style evokes memories of The Cramps. But it is not without it's weird moments like "Sheiksbeerstools", with it's trippy psychedelic soundscape making you feel like you've eaten one too many 'shrooms.... and Drums which sound like they've been stuffed with cotton wool. By the final track, "Beautiful Hole" you're convinced that aliens have invaded your skull.... You'll either love it (particularly if you're off your head) or loathe it. The choice is yours.... The Big Buzz magazine Dec/Jan 98/99 PLANKTON - GANJA KILLED THE DINOSAURS (Ochre) This east London-based foursome learned their trade DJing at illegal raves. Quirky rhythms and bizarre vocals: Headless Chicken is a full-on blast with wiry guitars in the style of Captain Beefheart, Boredom is Blur playing a Fall song! Jaminay is punk yeller. NM. Front magazine. Feb 1999 Plankton, Junkie quirk rock might not be a category Mr Branson has in his megastores, so you'll have to use your imagination to seek out Plankton's oddball jangly guitar trash seven inches. More likely to be seen on the underground party circuit where the crowds are often into four figures, this is a rare opportunity to catch their demented Ruts-meets-Mondays lunacy. INTERSPACE Jan 1999 Plankton "Ganja Killed the Dinosaurs"LP/CD (Ochre , Distributed by SRD) Welcome to a land where one too many a mushroom tea has been brewed and everything is positively class A. Welcome to the very unusual and almost certainly wibbly-wobbly world of Plankton; 4am smoking to industrial garage beats when the party was supposed to finish the day before. Stalwarts of the free party circuit in their guise as DJs and general anarchists. Plankton astonish with their punked-up mish mash of psychedelic rock and the occasional touch of Ska, a la that smack-inspired eighties softmints ad. But before you utter the words "crusty" let's get one thing straight - apart from not having dreadlocks, Plankton ROCK! Oh yes, and not only do they rock, but they have TUNES too! The excellent "Lola" is here, as is "Headless Chicken", "Motto", "Boredom" and a plethora of titles that'll mean nothing till you get this, and everything thereafter. The record flows instinctively from one track to the next, it's well balanced, and seems to sneak back to the turntable over and over again. How on earth do they do it? If ganja killed the dinosaurs, then this lot must be totally invincible! INTERSPACE Nov. 1998 PLANKTON "Pick Your Own EP" The sheer insanity of some avant-punk can disturb and alienate; others, like Plankton's frankly unhinged oeuvre of erratic outbursts and mid-fi rock, can be warm, funny and enchanting. For this second outing, imagine a lobotomised Fall circa "This Nation's Saving Grace". Record Collector magazine, Nov 1997