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Lesotho, World - African, Blues, Hiphop - Chillhop, Electronic - Chillout, Electronic - Chillwave, Dance, Reggae - Dancehall, Funk - Electrofunk, Pop - Electropop, Funk, Hiphop, Electronic - House, Indie, Indie - Indiepop, Indie - Indierock, Production - Jingle, Hiphop - Lofi, Newage, Rock - Newwave, Pop, Pop Rock, Hiphop - Rap, Reggae, Rnb

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Connections ft Mj Ephy
Inspired by my life. From my time in high school till now, my struggles with social acceptance and love. RED HILL VOL.1
Nothing To Loose
Inspired by my life. From my time in high school till now, my struggles with social acceptance and love. RED HILL VOL.1
Bounce Back
Inspired by my life. From my time in high school till now, my struggles with social acceptance and love. RED HILL VOL.1
About Piigh
Liteboho Bernard Pii also known as Piigh pronounced "pie" (born February 4th, 1993) is an Alternative R'nb singer and songwriter from the mountains of Lesotho who fuses his stories of Love, loss & healing with multicultural instrumentals & inspired vocals with dance, reggae, hip-hop and everything in between.Meshing cultures and sounds from across the globe to create a unique story telling experience.At the heart of this global music approach is the desire to improve Lesotho's music industry & infrastructure. A lack of recognition from fellow citizens & government not to mention other countries with advanced music/art programs, has Creatives demotivated & nowhere near reaching global status, which is he regards as their full potential.Growing up in rural Lesotho,at a Hostel for most of his teens while at St stephens High school in Mohale's Hoek, were the first building blocks in Piigh's musical journey.As an inexperienced Dancer, at a show that was traditionally done every Friday at school. He jumped on stage to devert attention from a fellow student's dance crew, who at the time was missing their steps & beginning to loose the crowd's favour. This is when he 1st hear the sound of a roaring crowd, & like any true Performer, the then 14 year old Piigh felt the spark.With an impressionable mind & an uncultivated talent for performance the young Artist studied the likes of Michael Jackson, Usher & Chris Brown & Started performing at the same Shows every Friday as per his fellow students' requests. Mostly doing choreography & Covers of Chris Brown songs.2011 After five years of High school, for him it was clear what his path would be. But as luck would have it, there was no place for such a profession, No thriving Music or Arts industry & had to settle for a 3 year Graphic Design course at The Limkokwing University of Creative Technology. During this time it seem his passion for music & performance had been transferred to Graphic arts as he became one of the best in the country at that time. Going on to be head hunted by a Telecommunications giant in Lesotho, Vodacom and working there as the youngest Designer in 2015.Feeling unfulfilled, the young artist made a decision to be better, & further his studies by applying to a school in Pretoria Centurion, The Open Window Institute.Having lived in Lesotho his whole life, the 2016 move to Pretoria Centurion was a cultural shock. Piigh had never been around so much diversity & had to navigate a new social structure. Coupled with a new, more intense work schedule & the sense of not belonging, this proved very challenging for him & would later drop out due to the lack of funds &  the need to repeat a single module, he turn back to his 1st love, music.2017 he released his 1st single, "Bounce Back" after connecting with a local Producer named Taks Beats & since then worked with many other Artists in Lesotho. In 2019 after a year of collaboration & learning the industry or lack there of, he independently released His debut Ep, "Red Hill Vol.1", was released in February 2019. Distributing with despite the unavailability of various music & streaming platforms in Lesotho & is available on iTunes, Spotify & Deezer to mention just a few.