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US, Indie, Pop, Rock

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Glamour Girl
About Petra Jarrar
Ever since she could stand, Petra always had an instrument in her hand, a song in her heart, and a notebook in her pocket. Born on May 4th, 1997 in Norwalk, Connecticut, Petra began her musical adventures with the help of her brother at the age of two. He would poise Petra on the piano bench and put her fingers on the keys to play the music he was learning. Growing up, Petra was a classically trained musician and performed at venues all over the New England Region. She has won a series of national and international piano, violin and vocal competitions that have led her to perform at world-renowned venues such as Carnegie Hall.  As Petra became older, her musical horizons began to expand. On long car rides, Petra's parents used to blast cassette tapes of The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac and ABBA. Petra soon learned all the words to the songs, and would perform them to her family and friends. Taking note of her interest, Petra's mother brought her a black and white Fender Strat guitar when she was seven years old, as she wanted her daughter to be able to take music with her wherever she went, both near and far.  For years, Petra took rigorous music lessons, but it wasn't until she was about 12 years old in which she began to bring all her talents together to create the musician she is today. Petra had an extensive  love for poetry and always had a knack for writing. Being the highly expressive individual that she is, Petra wanted to to chronicle the changes she was experiencing as a young teenager. Thus, it was only second nature to her to begin writing her own music. Petra soon taught herself how to produce her own music. She learned how to record her own songs on Garageband and created a mini-recording studio inside of her walk-in closet in her family’s home. There, she recorded demos of hundreds of songs, many of which make an appearance on her first EP.   Petra officially began work on her EP entitled 'Wonderland' in 2014. The first single, 'Glamour Girl' was released in July of 2015. The EP is truly the ultimate coming of age story. Her songs reflect experiences she encountered for the first time as a young adult. Her lyrics tell stories about what it was like to fall in love, have her heart broken, and learning to grow from past mistakes. The EP is slated to be released in Winter 2016.  Growing up in an environment that played all different genres of music, Petra's style as an artist is truly reflective of this fact. Her style, as she describes, is "retro-electro pop" and is influenced by artists such as Adele, Amy Winehouse and Lana Del Rey, but also traces back to classic sounds of bands such as The Beach Boys.  So far, Petra has performed at The Bitter End, Sidewalk NYC, Bushwick Public House, and various other open mic venues throughout New York City. She has extensive touring plans in the works for 2016 and is kicking off January by performing The Studio at Webster Hall and Melrose Ballroom. Although she has already achieved so much at the age of 18, Petra is only getting started- so get ready.