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Peter Pumberger

Austria, Pop, Rock

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Meine Matrix
Die Art und Weise
Lass los!
About Peter Pumberger
Peter Pumberger, an 21-years old austrian medicine student has one unbelievable passion - music. Musicvideos out NOW: Hi! I am Peter, a 21-year-old medical student from Salzburg, Austria. When I startedmy solo career, I didn’t really think of a special name. I just wanted to record mymusic for myself, so I didn’t bother with that and used my real name – PeterPumberger. My career as an artist began playing the guitar and singing in a band inhigh shool called ”Peanut Butter Jelly Toast“. After over 5 years that included onealbum, a music video, dozens of concerts and much more, we broke up and with thatI stopped making music for 2 years. During that time I moved to Vienna to startmedschool, and with it a whole new life.After some really stressful life events, I found my way back to music, grabbed mybeloved guitar and just played. I always had the wish to record songs on my own,where I can be myself while playing all the instruments myself, and voilà, my EP “Meine Matrix“ is what came out. With Martin Grünbart Peter taped the musicvideo of "Lass Los!" which got very good reviews.