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Russia, Punk - Postpunk

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About Pesochek
Pesochek ("Песочек", which means "Sand" in russian) is a romantic post-punk band created by three brothers and their friend. This is a family project - almost like Kardashian, but these siblings had been born in gloomy Russia. Pesochek was born in 2018, when the youngest of the brothers was still finishing school - the first album "Домашние обязанности" ("Home Duties") was recorded literally in the basement at their summerhouse. The debut EP caused certain acclaim - positive reviews had been published in indie zines "Pain" and "Albums on Friday". The group started to perform in local venues: Powerhouse, Rovesnik, Punk Fiction, etc. New album "Приручи обязанности" ("Tape Doubt") sounds more serious and bolder - it's no longer light-eyed indie-rock, but reflective post-punk with a groovy bass. Each track of the LP is like a monologue in front of a mirror, in which the author analyzes what is happening with his feelings - anxiety, insecurity, anger, love. The terms "romantic" and "straightforward" are equally applicable to the music of "Pesochek" - depending on the listener's point of view.Each song is a great experience for a fan of doomer /post-punk music. "Pesochek" do not complicate their songs, but write slogans, choosing tunes for phrases that are on everyone's tongue.