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United States, Hiphop - Gangstarap, Hiphop, Hiphop - Rap

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Trendsetta (feat. Samuel Romero)
CREDITS: Trendsetta (feat. Samuel Romero) (Single) by Patrollin. Songwriters: Samuel Romero & Diego Padilla. Performed by "Patrollin" (Diego Padilla) & Samuel Romero. Produced by Samuel Romero. Instrumental by "Beat$ By Cruz" (Tristan Napoles). Cover Art/Thumbnail design by Samuel Romero. Publisher/Distributor: Samuel Romero. Promoter/Marketer: Samuel Romero. Arranger/Organizer: Samuel Romero. Label: Samrom Records. Samrom Records 2019 © All Rights Reserved. Samuel Romero Incorporated ℗ All Rights Reserved. (Copyright and Publishing). Released January 22, 2019 [Parental Advisory Explicit Content]
This single, Betrayin, debuted Patrollin’s musical career. This song was written by Diego Padilla, Patrollin, as it was also produced by the musical supergroup: Rominshew. This song can be found on other websites for free to listen.
About Patrollin
A local San Diego Rapper. His name is Diego Padilla. . . As he was also born and raised in many of the areas in San Diego who also demonstrates his art trough Hip-Hop. He is certainly one of a kind as he has this mexican flow that goes great with any song that he creates trough and under Samuel Romero's record label, "Samrom Records" He is a hispanic rapper in the entertainment business. (Information Provided By Urban Dictionary) LISTEN TO PATROLLIN'S LATEST HITS ON SOUNDCLOUD!!! (Patrollin's SoundCloud: @patrollindp) For business inquiries regarding Patrollin, please contact Samrom Records: [email protected] or visit: