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Out Of Orion (Ox3)

US, Ambient, Ambient - Darkambient, Electronic

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Old Father Christmas
The Fall Of The House Of Usher
At The Mountains Of Madness
Water Of Life (Unedited Version)
More Music Inspired By Dune
About Out Of Orion (Ox3)
Out Of Orion-also known as Ox3 (O times 3) began as a project called Tales 2 Tell back in the days of Tales 2 Tell featured spoken word stories backed by music of other artists. Tales 2 Tell quickly evolved into Ox3 and existed for several years on the Acid Planet website.Out Of Orion has worked with such artists as Wendy G (Grondzil), Amethystium, Ryan Farish, Moods In Question, gesh, FuzOnAcid, and Crogman Studios to name a few.