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06- Happiness
Fun Israeli / middle Eastern contemporary blend of folk, ethnic and jazz sounds .The singer with the " Extraordinary angelic voice" as once was described for her first CD in 2005- hits again with a new CD of original songs. Refreshing and interesting. This new CD of original songs is finally delivered to the world after about 10 years of hard work. The CD has 10 songs, some of them written by Ofri Eliaz and others by excellent Israeli musicians whom she had the privilege to work with. This CD represent Ofri's musical background of folk , jazz and Ethnic- world music. All together the songs create a refreshing Mediterranean - Israeli vibe .
Ir me kero madre
Yigdal יגדל
Adio kerida
Hamavdil המבדיל
About Ofri Eliaz
My site: www.ofrieliaz.comThese are Judeo -Spanish songs of which go back to Medieval and Renaissance Spain. With a vibe of world music/ jazz- the result is Mediterranean flowing music. It's both eastern and cosmopolitan. The Ladino receives a surprising twist.You can by the CD or digitally download it via Enjoy the music  !  All my love ,   Ofri . "Ofri Eliaz gives Ladino another vision, almost as if it were a perspective from above. Eliaz designs (with the help of her musical producer Shai Bachar) Mediterranean flowing music; music which is both eastern and cosmopolitan, like a haute couture designer who makes the optimal ethnic dress, to 12 Ladino songs.The result is enchanting and intriguing. The Ladino receives a surprising twist. The title song has a Baroque quality, “Djako” stays within the Turkish-Arabic framework (due to Omar Faruk Tekbilek), but “La Vida do por el Raki” is touched by funk. “Kuando el rey Nimrod” becomes a Balkan improvisation and “Tsur Mishelo” is free jazz. Fresh and interesting" (Amos Oren, Yedioth Ahronoth, 30-1-05)   "Singer with voice of honey" ( Haim Acherim, December-04 ) The musicians on the CD are some of the top players in N.Y.C, such as: Frank London, Steve Gorn, Omar Faruk Tekbilek , Alex Skolnick, John La Barbera , Joe Deninzon, George Mgrdichian ,Emmanuel Mann, Shai Bachar, Benny Koonyevsky and others.What is Ladino?In 1492 the Jews were expelled from Spain. They were forced to leave without their belongings, but they carried with them their heritage, their language (a dialect of Spanish called Ladino) and their love of music to their new homes. For centuries, the heartfelt and melodic music of the Sephardic Jews accompanied them all in the nations they settled, from North Africa to Balkans to Turkey, Greece, Italy and America to present-day in Israel. Those diverse influences are evidenced in their culture and music. Ofri Eliaz was born and spent her early childhood in the north of Israel. At age ten moved with her family to Jerusalem where she spent most of her teenage years in the High School of Arts. During her army service performed as a singer accompanied by a guitar player. After her military service, spent a year at Rimon School for Contemporary Music in Ramat Hasharon. In 1997 moved to N.Y.C to study music and music therapy. She received her first degree in Music Jazz Performance from Mannes School of Music and her masters degree in music therapy from New York University. During these years performed all over the U.S with a program of Ladino and Israeli songs. In 2003 came back to Israel and in 2005 released her first CD of Ladino songs: "Ya salio de la mar". She appeared on several T.V and radio shows. She continues to both perform and engaged in music therapy. These days she is recording new materials for her next album of Hebrew songs. Performed with EMI recording artists Alabina, featuring Ishtar and the Los Ninos De Sara.Gave performances in New York City at: The Knitting Factory, Makor, The Bitter End , Izzy bar, Sephardic House, Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn College and The Center for Jewish History. Other performances include: Kennedy Center in Washington D.C; The Piccolo Spoleto Festival in Charleston, N.C; The Museum of Fine Art in Philadelphia ; The Field museum in Chicago ; The International Jewish festival in Long Island, New York; Erie Art Museum, PA ; The National Museum of American Jewish History, Philadelphia, PA; Israel Culture and Film Festival, Bergen County, N.J; The Israeli Consulate Independence Day event in Atlanta, and moreIn 2003 received a grant as an "Excellent Artist" from the Ministry of Absorption. Participated in June 2004 in the Festiladino contest at the Jerusalem Theater in Jerusalem. The event took place as part of the annual Israel Festival.   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Words and melodies: TraditionalMusical producer: Shai BacharCo-producers: Ofri Eliaz and Alex SkolnickArrangements: Shai Bachar and Ofri EliazExcept the songs: "Yigdal": Shai Bachar, Ofri Eliaz and Alex Skolnick--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vocals: Ofri EliazDrum set: Benny KoonyevskyPercussion: Seido Salifoski, Raquy Danziger, Benny KoonyevskyBass: Emmanuel MannUd: Omar Faruk Tekbilek ,George Mgrdichian, Nizar RohanaGuitars:Alex Skolnick, John La Barbera, Eli Lishinsky   Electric and Acoustic Violin: Joe DeninzonFlute & Clarinet: Steve GornTrumpet: Frank LondonKeyboard: Shai BacharComputer programming: Shai Bachar