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Germany, Classical, Metal, Production - Trailer

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Halls of Glory
This epic track starts with a slow intro with flute and harp, then full orchestra that will explode together with the choir in the end.
New Hope
Majestic and slow intro with crescendo with brass, then whole orchestra with heroic main-teme in 6/8 rhythm and choir.
The soundtrack for a king who is riding into a final battle. Slow start with strings, brass and a climax with full orchestra and choir. Good for trailers, fantasy and sci-fi.
Barbarian Storm
Epic and barbaric Orchestral Score, also suitable for trailer music. Starts with percussion, anvil and horns, climax is full orchestra with choir.
About Nothung
Siegfried Schuessler (Musician/Composer/Studio Artist) Siegfried has a long career as composer, live & studio-musician and teacher. As the singer of the German Power-Metal - band “MessengeR” he has been touring Europe and released various CDs. As a composer he has created many tracks up from meditation music to epic orchestral scores for his clients. Why Nothung-Studios? Nothung is the name of Siegfried’s sword in Richard Wagner’s opera Ring des Nibelungen. It had to be forged by Siegfried himself because he was the only one who could do it . And this is how your music will be created - like a finest steel, forged in fire. Strong and unique . The Sound for Your Vision.