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Armenia, Corporate, Electronic, Symphonic, Electronic - Synthwave

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4 tracks
Sample tracks
Scary and ominous track with organ and effects. The dark and strange mood will evoke feelings of suspense and terror. Will perfectly work with horror movies.
Look Ahead (TV show, movies soundtrack) 145BPM
Groovy and dynamic track with piano, synths, drums and etc. The hip-hop and motoric mood will evoke feelings of determination and motivation. Will perfectly work with commercials and video blogs and as an intro for TV shows.
Kindness and positivity
Bight and calm track with strings, piano, and woodwinds (flute and oboe). The dreamy and peaceful mood will evoke feelings of happiness and positivity. It will work perfectly with movies in cartoons, movies, TV Shows, inspirational videos, games.
Dreams of the past
Emotional and melancholic track with choir, synth, mystic sounds. The sad and ethereal mood will evoke feelings of dreaminess and nostalgy. It will work perfectly with animations movies and in drama, fantasy, melodrama, documentary genres.
About Needs Some Music
We make the music that every successful project needs, including Movies, Advertisements, YouTube videos, etc.