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Nalstoxic - Guarana
Nalstoxic - Ducaralho
Nalstoxic - Techno Park
Nalstoxic - Restricted
About Nalstoxic
ProjetctMusic of Psytrance created by Nal, lives in Sertaozinho, in São Paulo - Brazil.With influence in various music styles, the proposal brings to interact with the various nuances of each style and walk through them randomly create new sounds. Living and making music since his teens, became interested in electronic music in 2007 from then found his passion, psytrance.In 2008 he began his career as a DJ and Music Production in 2009, using music as his spiritual and creative expression.And every day that passes Nal has gained extensive experience in psychedelia, with Melody, Bass Line Strong and striking.His musical style comes with a Full On Groove strand, involving the public in a strong psychedelic vibe and dancing.