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No Angel
C'est La Vie
About NaTtA
NaTtA is a Belgian-Belarusian singer who performs soul and pop-blues combining the style of 1950s and modern one. In 2012 the project was launched due to the efforts of NaTtA and V&V Galantino production represented by a music producer, composer, well-known performer Oleg Jagger Minakov (Rouble zone) and a musician Roma Siadletski (Arms of War, Iron Mask (Belgium). The first song – C’est La Vie – written by Oleg Jagger Minakov and Xavier Clayton (songwriter for David Guetta/2Unlimited and more) was released in autumn 2012. In April 2013 NaTtA, performing C’est La Vie, was awarded for Debut of the Year (Belarus All-National Television). Recently NaTtA has presented the song Monday. It was written by Oleg Jagger Minakov and Xavier Clayton originally for a Belgian singer Dani Klein (Vaya Con Dios), but ironically it became a part of NaTtA’s repertoire. Moreover, NaTtA was recognized as Discovery of the Year in Pesnya goda (Eng. Song of the Year) 2013, programme broadcast by Belarus All-National Television, and was given a diploma for the song Явсегдабудупомнить (Eng. I will always remember) written by Oleg Jagger Minakov and NaTtA. Now NaTtA is working on the debut album in Belgium in terms of which the release of two videos is planned. Soon we will be watching C’est La Vie as well as No Angel, new song by Oleg Jagger Minakov and Oleg Savilov (a talented poet working with Pushking, Kiss Nazareth, ZZ Top).Links