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Mudri Bartol

Croatia, Ambient, Electronic - Downtempo, Electronic

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Vineyard Dub
This track is inspired by the far-eastern traditional music. It's perfect for invoking the feelings of adventure, travel or mysterious far away places.
Water Meditation
About Mudri Bartol
So let me tell you about Mudri Bartol... It's a true story...Once, a long time ago, wondering about the countryside, I found myself in a small and very old graveyard. My eyes stopped on one grave that looked older than the others... no crosses or any other symbols just the name "Mudri Bartol"... In Slavic languages it means "Bartol the Whise"...I went away, but the name somehow remained in my mind, like it was something important...About a year later, I went to the same graveyard, looking for the same grave but I couldn't find it! It's a small graveyard, not many graves, but no Mudri Bartol... and I remembered exactly where it stood, last grave next to the forest...Just to let you know that it is not my name but it belonged to someone that I never met, but he somehow became part of my occupation, and the name here really is not of importance - it's the music and you are gonna have to hear that for yourself!If you need to get in touch you can do so at:[email protected]