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Mora Mothaus

Japan, Rock - Artrock, Experimental - Avant-garde, Pop - Dreampop, Filmscore, Singer-Songwriter

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5 tracks
Sample tracks
Sacred Darkness, Sunshine
Peaceful, optimistic ballad with a temperamental twist
Toxic Snow
Melancholic piano ballad with a taste of trip hop.
Tail Eater
Consisting of melodic verses that build up to a dramatic, full orchestra.
Dark, desolate ambient track
To Know
Ethereal, post rock based 1-take studio recording of electric & Acoustic guitar with raw vocals
About Mora Mothaus
This project traverses genre--but before you look away, hear me out for a few more seconds.With that said, my sounds often DO contain elements of ethereal wave, ambient, experimental, folk and so forth. It is both the process and the byproduct of an exploration of something that I like to call "apocalyptic sentimentalism". In my discography you will see a variety of sounds but throughout you can expect atmospheric soundscapes and emotive songwriting. I hope that they will find their way into works by filmmakers or creators with whom these sounds and sentiments might resonate.