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United Kingdom, World - Afrobeat, Electronic - Breakbeat, Electronic - Deephouse, Electronic - Dubstep, Electronic - Electrohouse, Pop - Electropop, Rock - Garage, Hiphop - Grime, Hiphop, Electronic - House, Electronic - Jungle, Latin, Hiphop - Lofi, Pop, Production, Latin - Reggaeton, Hiphop - Trap, World - Tribal

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About Monkstar
JONATHAN BUTLER is a young and passionate music expert who, from 1998, began producing instrumentals from a home computer and writing lyrics to pursue a career in his ultimate passion. In the early years of his journey, JONATHAN’s pursuit of a musical career took him to local pirate radio stations where he regularly recited written lyrics to the spinning of underground dub plates, under the tag ‘MONKSTAR’, mixed by local DJs. MONKSTAR became a household name within the Grime genre being part of the original set of MCs who built the foundation of this scene, which has since grown from strength to strength. During this time, he was a part of some of the most well known crews to bring Grime to the masses; M.A.D, N.A.S.T.Y. Crew and Newham Generals. His career exploded engaging with the public through a variety of media; from radio sets to promo CD’s to appearances nationally on the club scene and DVD’s, which ended with the signing to the most successful UK urban label there is to date - Dirtee Stank owned my UK’s very own, Dizee Rascal. MONKSTAR’s passion for performing has never died and he has made steps towards the main stage again with his debut solo video release ‘Intro’, which is hosted by SBTV on YouTube along with his second release ‘All or Nothing’. Since his return, he has been seen on MTV Wrap up session, Vice magazine HQ and the Born n Bred festival. MONKSTAR's foundation has been built by radio, so it goes without saying he's been busy on the airwaves visiting Radio 1xtra, Rinse FM, Kiss, Radar & Represent Radio. MONKSTAR has released a number of EPs and solo tracks with some of the best producers on the scene, as well a few instrumental EP's to display his gift on the buttons so watch this space!