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Netherlands, Ambient, Reggae - Dub, Electronic - Dubstep, Electronic, Hiphop - Trap

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Let the sun go down
melancholic 90's dubstep beach song with a touch of happy hardcore
Mante (dubstep remix)
Mante (ambient remix)
Afx 303
About Mischapex
I am a Dubstep producer from holland.I intend to bring the listener into magical, mystique spheres by using deep basslines psychedelic leads and recognizable samples. In the past my music has been heavilly influenced by the Future Sound of London. The older albums (that are all available on jamendo) can be characterized as IDM/ambient/triphop with a touch of acid. These songs range from delicate soundscapes to epileptical goatrance. The rhythm composition is often complex and freaky. Although the individual songs can be relatively short, they must be listened in the context of the album, because only then the comprehensiveness of the composition can be experienced to its fullest.Five years ago i changed my musical focus and started producing bass/dubstep tracks. Although the rythmic and melodic structures have changed, there is still the use of recognizable samples to bring the listener into a FSOL inspired atmosphere.I am solely responsible for composing, creating, production and mixing of my music. Nonetheless i enjoy playing with other musicians/artist that play the guitar, bass or other acoustic instruments.