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Italy, Rnb - Alternativernb, Electronic - Chillout, Jazz - Nujazz

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By night
"By Night" is a minimal ambient track that captures the essence of nocturnal beauty through the piano as the main instrument. Its melancholy and dreamy melody is perfect for those who like to relax and indulge in night thoughts. It is a unique sensory experience that transports the listener into a world of emotions and reflections.
Still, I Wander
This piece is the oxymoron of wandering aimlessly, motionless towards the unknown of the future. The wandering is described by the pressing rhythm of the drums while the melody, performed by the guitar, depicts the swaying towards an uncertain destination. The climax of the unknown destination is represented by the open ending. “Still, I wander” is the first of the five singles that announce the album coming out in May 2023.
Flutter High
"Flutter High" is a genre-bending disco/neo-soul track featuring a unique and captivating blend of sounds and styles. The hypnotic high-pitched vocal loop and guitar solo (played by the guitarist Pietro De Salvo) are key elements of the track, creating a powerful and engaging sound. The piano, bass, drums, and pad form a solid foundation and further enhance the track, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.
About Met You
Born in 2000, Matteo Maria Di Tommaso, aka Met You, is an italian composer from Bari. He began studying the piano at the age of 7, until, in 2019, he enrolled in the Conservatory "Niccolò Piccinni" in Bari. In 2023, after a long expressive research and several listenings of different genres, he immerses himself (with the single "Still, I Wander”) in the world of R&B, Neo-Soul and Chillout, with jazzy nuances, influenced by artists such as Tom Misch, Mild High Club and Conor Albert.