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US, Adultcontemporary, Electronic - Downtempo, Newage - Easy-listening, Filmscore, Jazz, Jazz - Jazzfusion, Newage, Singer-Songwriter, Soul

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Megan Graney - So It Goes
"So It Goes" is an homage to mental health. The song has a soulful groove that transports you into accepting where you are in life. It brings forth powerful emotions and self empowerment.
Megan Graney - Waves
"Waves" is a tribute to the peaks and valleys of grief. Written in 2021 after her father passed away, this song has a meditative tone that brings ease to anyone experiencing complex emotions.
Megan Graney - Borrowed Time
"Borrowed Time" brings soulful nostalgia. The lyricism is rooted in living a life anchored in gratitude. Smooth, sultry vocals hint at jazz and neo soul. This song gives a timeless, uplifting feeling.
Megan Graney - Love The Lie
"Love the Lie" is about unconditional love. Loving ourselves and others for what we choose to show the world, even if it's only a portion of the truth. This song is a hybrid of jazz and R&B.
About Megan Graney
Megan Graney launched her musical career in 2021 with debut single “Borrowed Time". The Bay Area native is known for her stylistic approach using healing lyrics and colorful production to create masterful sounds. Her ability of bringing sonically-rich melodies to the listener shines through, bringing nostalgic memories and lived experiences that champion mental health stigmas and her search for authenticity. She is often compared to Sade and Diana Krall with clear influences of jazz and soul. Her music evokes different themes of healing, and how that process is a nonlinear journey. “So It Goes” will be the next single available this November!