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Matt Hipps

United States, Indie, Rock

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That's Alright Mama Ft. Justin Ryans (Elvis Cover)
About Matt Hipps
 An American artist with an England fan-base, Matthew Hipps was given his first snare drum in the early years of his life. His progression towards becoming a musician would soon later grow thanks to the history and intelligence of music his father taught upon him. While spending the few years of his life in "Evanston, Illinois" Matthew was introduced greatly to the vast world of Hip-Hop, only to then become a promoter/producer when returning to texas with small label "Prince of Crime Records." Always having a soft spot for Rock N' Roll, Matthew did not fall completely until a day while being grounded for behavior showed him Oasis video "Morning Glory" featured on VH1's "120 minutes." After discovering his roots as a musician, Hipps and life-long friend (producer) James Thomson spent weekends recording and mixing cover tape "Dead Dogs and Gym Teachers." (Based on a 90's television show.) The five-track cover tape released April 13th, 2014. (Downloadable as of June, 2014.) Returning to social media the next day, the two friends noticed the viral impact the songs had left. "The tracks were promoted the same way as the artist we were working with, and the quality was average at best." By June 2014, 3 of 5 tracks had reached the Top 10 popularity tag for the artist covered, internet radioplay via "Jango Radio" in major U.S. cities as well as leading areas of the United Kingdom.To this date, Matthew Hipps has only released covers for the time to better his craft. Since the release of "Dead Dogs and Gym Teachers" Matthew has released two cover singles, both surpassing the first demo tape. Matthew Hipps music is still branching out, digitally, as well as adding more calender dates.Influences & Bands- Noel and Liam Gallagher, The Stone Roses, The Beatles, Elvis Presely, The Rolling Stones, John Lennon, Chuck Berry.