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Mad Dog Ray

Mexico, Rock - Bluesrock, Experimental, Latin - Flamenco, Folk, Rock, Country - Western

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Experimento 4 - Vals de la bestia - Fusion Vals-Rock
This is a Fusion between Waltz and Rock, inspired by one of my favorite film director Tarantino.
About Mad Dog Ray
I used to play rock, hard rock and blues style in a original songs band with my band in Mexicali but I decided to move to Spain for PhD reasons. I played several years in the past with Bar Bands, covers bands and even with versatil music bands.I'm now experimenting with my own musical ideas and recording and editing by myself. I am passionate of flamenco music and Spain is the best place to learn it, ofcourse. As well, I love mexican popular music like "Rancheras" and "Mariachi".I'm trying to mix everything in the way to refresh all this good musical expresions, not to try to make something better, just to contribute to the music evolution with my point of view and feeling. Also, I'm open to experiment with any kind or style of music.See you rockin' in a free world