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"His music is just something incredible, a complete sense of airiness, flight energy." DJ MAXIMUS EYFORIE (Kiev, Ukraine) Max Dovnich - a young, promising DJ & musician. Real name Maxim Dovnich. Born July 14, 1992 in Ivano-Frankivsk, but in his childhood with his parents moved to live in a small town near Kiev, Makarov. He went to school. In 2008, Maxim became acquainted with the wonderful and very talented Dj who taught the basics of DJing, took the first steps in the writing of tracks, and most importantly - his desire to study appeared to be perfect! Literally a year later he found the necessary knowledge, skills, games and self-confidence. But at one point, everything changed musical tastes have changed dramatically, "the question became well-known song: Paul Van Dyk - for an angel, right here. After that Max realized that electronic music is its element, it was his understanding that at this stage, that life is inextricably linked with the music ... electronic music and finally confirmed and secure it with a passion for trance, but in fact to electronic music in general. Reading the literature, video lessons on audio processing, the study of the principles of a large number of programs to establish and information, music, in fact, commitment, willingness to learn - has given fruit. He actively began to write music, make tracks, mixes, actively began playing in clubs and discos. In September 2009, is born the idea of a nickname MAXIMUS EYFORIE, actively participates in all, competitions, events, and actively plan for the future. In early December 2009 wrote the first album to be released. At the moment we are actively seeking a producer for the further promotion behalf of MAXIMUS EYFORIE and release of the album.