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United States, Electronic, Hiphop, Hiphop - Rap

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Total Disregard(Prod by M1sta Wyte)
Help Wanted (Prod by M1sta Wyte)
UP (Prod by Legion D Wise)
About M1sta Wyte
Malachi White also known as M1sta Wyte is a rapper, producer, and audio engineer out of Austin, TX. He releases his third studio album "Total Disregard" in early 2017. This project will be another showcase of his versatility and commitment to unique sound design. 10 of the 15 tracks were produced by him and frequent Camo Crew collaborator Legion D. Wise. The sound is a continuation of what he started with on his first project "T.U.N.E-Z". Heavy bass, aggressive hooks, and intelligent lyrics are present all throughout the project. The project reflects on the different obstacles we have to overcome in order to achieve success and the importance of being self sufficient. M1sta Wyte is huge fan of late 90s east coast rap like Nas and Jadakiss which shaped most of his earlier work. He also sites southern rap as a heavy influence in his music such as Bun-B, T.I, and Outkast. On the production side he follows Zaytoveen, Mike Will, DJ Pain1, 9th Wonder, and Justice League to name a few. He often bounces around from very jazzy boom-bap beats to slow 808 driven melodic tracks. This past couple years he has spent quite a bit of time making beats exclusively which may lead to a beat tape at some point in the near future. The pace of "Total Disregard" is very quick and experiments with elements that are more common to electronic music. The project often mixes dark and ethereal tones to give a ominous backdrop for street laced lyrics. All of his lines are clear, concise, and emphasized. Unlike the T.U.N.E-Z project the album only has a single song using auto-tune. He made it a point to have all his bars punchy and not melodic. Overall this is a good mix of classic rap over modern beats. The project features Legion D Wise, Profit-Z, Big Bizzle, JR Youngin, and Profe-C.  Producer creds go to Anno Domini and Whimsical Astronaut.