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Voglia di te
About Luca DG
Luca Di Girolamo, stage name Luca DG was born in 1984 as the third child of a Southern Italian family. Growing up as the youngest member of the family allowed him to develop his artistic side without the parental pressure to choose a more traditional profession. His passion for music showed during his time in school, he was about 11 years old when his music teacher noticed his vocal skills during the lessons and encouraged him to join I Fantanasia, a student folk music band that became popular with singing traditional Neapolitan songs. With this, Luca embarked on a new chapter of life filled with music and singing. From this time on, he was looking consciously for the company of people with the same interest. In high school he joined another band and was eager to learn anything that had a connection with music: like grabbing the opportunity to learn how to play the guitar from a friend – who was left-handed. That’s how right-handed Luca happens to play the guitar with the left hand up to this day. In 2006 he joined the Amnesia Post as a lead vocalist. The band, formed by two electric guitars, a bass and a drum, and now completed with a singer toured the Salerno region with a mix of pop-rock music, singing at open mic nights and taking part in local music competitions. In 2008 Luca wrote the lyrics and music of Eppure Sono Ancora Vivo. His first song was recorded in collaboration with Diego Parisi and the music arrangement of Sabatino Salvati. At the same time Luca started to form a stable collaboration with fellow singer Marco Clarizia. They performed both their own songs and covers in clubs, public venues and at private events around the areas of Salerno and Naples until Luca moved to London towards the end of 2009. Whilst living in London, he progressed further with his vocal studies with singer and vocal coach Rachel Black. Luca began another important collaboration in the UK with singer and musician José Albentosa, with whom he recorded an international version of Eppure Sono Ancora Vivo (titled: Un dia me despertaré). Most importantly, he began working on his solo career and on 31 January 2011 Luca released his first English single Your Words, produced by José Albentosa. It is available to download from iTunes ( ) and all major digital music stores. Since living in London, Luca performed live at several public events including the West End charity event Les Mis Gives at the Prince of Wales theatre in late 2010 – along with José Albentosa - and more recently at the opening night of the art exhibition Front of House On The Walls in Battersea on 11 September 2011. Here, Luca gave an exclusive preview of some of the songs from his upcoming EP Words – premiering the next single I Must Like It and When I Come Back Home along with an acoustic version of Your Words and surprised the audience with a cover version of Kylie Minogue’s Can’t Get You Out Of My Head. From November 2011 Luca DG’s debut album Words is available on iTunes and digital store through TuneCore. In May 2013 he collaborates on a new single song, I Just Wanna Dance, with the young and talented producer from Manchester, Michael Poplawski. The song try to reproduce the 80's vibe. Not Just the music but even the style for the video and the artwork are inspired by that period. Jo' Ferrandu, Julieta Piacenza and Jemany Studio are the people who took care of the video production and the style. In June 2013 the song was publish on iTunes and digital stores through the digital distributor TuneCore. Over the end of the 2013, another important collaboration started with Michael Poplawski. The new Italian single ‘Esploderò’ is inspired by the personal life of the singer, the lyric was written before he moved in London. He thought that was time for ‘Esploderò’ to come out in the light, since that dark and difficult time of his life was finally over. The song has been produce an arranged by M. Poplawski and release on the digital market on the 11th of December 2013 along with an English version named ’The Love I Have For You’. Voglia Di Te, a song that Luca wrote along with Maurizio Granato, a friend from his early teen, is produced and arranged by Michael Poplawski and the Nevermusic Studio and published on the digital market on 5th July.