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Lourdes - Blushing Eyes
Treaty Of 1711
City Rain
About Lourdes
Lourdes is an up & coming producer and artist. He composes various pieces, from ambient-pop, new age, top 40, avant-garde, film and more. He recently did a remix to Brandon Flowers single "Crossfire". He is currently working on a special limited release, which is a concept album entitled "Allure Of St. Petersburg" which is scheduled for release now on Oct. 26th.Before the official album Lourdes will be releasing various singles and art from his personal catalogues, as well as poetry and design pieces.The first single from "Allure of St. Petersburg" will be the record "Treaty of 1711" Look forward to hearing it soon!Please Visit The Official Website of Lourdes For More Info:  Lightscape Ent.