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Louis Lingg and the Bombs

France, Rock - Electrorock, Rock - Newwave, Pop, Punk - Poppunk, Punk, Rock

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About Louis Lingg and the Bombs
 Louis Lingg and the Bombs is an insane anarcho pop band with no limits - formed in the summer of 2006. 2012: New album out with AF Music. Get it here:  2010: The legendary punk record label (Buzzcocks, Manic Street Preachers etc.) has just released our new 7 inch EP. ( )2010: Great french label, Close Up Records released an awesome 6 track 7 inch. Check it out : Louis Lingg and the Bombs are goddamn punk-rock-garage-pop-anarcho saviours of the 2 and half minute pop song. The bombs they throw are musical, they come from Paris (they could only come from Paris!) and they'll grab you and demand your instant attention.Their sound is a mix of ultra-political anarchic punk rock and fizzing children's nursery rhyme riot-pop. Laced with so much energy and a whole sonic attack of chaos and fizzy energy, they throw a crazy live party. They could start a riot in a phone box and regularly blow up little bars with pop Molotovs and bang bang boom boom punk rock energy!The line up:Josh on Vocals and Guitar.Gilbertmuda on Drums and Vocals.Axel Danger Tulip on Bass and Vocals.Arno Life on Guitar and Vocals.Clem Phlegm on KeyboardsJulie Hate on vocals Their influences:Punk bands like The Epoxies, Antiflag, Rancid, NOFX and Greenday.They have a strong love of ’78 style punk like The Buzzcocks, The Clash and The Undertones.Never forgetting that they are children of the 90s having grown up with bands such as Nirvana, Bikini Kill, Sleater Kinney and The Butthole Surfers.In their song-writing however, their admiration of classic children’s songs is clearly visible, as is their 60s influences; Shirley Ellis, Aretha Franklin and Nancy Sinatra. They play a danceable garage punk sound with a new wave pop edge.They play exciting, fun concerts. Listening to super-fast pop songs full of catchy hooks, it’s difficult not to dance around the room with a smile on you face The group is named after Louis Lingg, the famous Chicago anarchist who committed suicide on death row in 1887. Some of their songs are ultra-political anarchist punk rock and some of their songs are like children’s nursery rhymes. ALL of their song’s are full of pop hooks and melodies and they are sung with energy and commitment. After a series of demos, they finished their first 7 track CD EP in September 2006.In 2007, they were featured on a bunch of compilations (PPPZine, La Ferme de la Justice, BlocSonic, Heartspark industries). They also released, Princess Mononoke as a single on ORG Records (Cardiacs, Brian Johnstown Massacre) in London.In 2008, they recorded the Madonna is a corporate whore 7 inch. Never released.In 2009, they released The Hates Your Laws EP on Damaged Goods Records (Buzzcocks, Helen Love, Billy Childish, Manic Street Preachers) in London.In 2010, they released, Lullabies For Mutant Monkeys, their full length, 18 song album.In 2010, they released 7 inch vinyl, Anarchist til DeathIn 2011, they recorded their new album, Alphabet of a Revolution, entirely in their badrooms.In 2011, they recorded their new EP, End of Civilisation? Bring it on! They recorded with pretty good equipment for once. The record was mixed by Steve Kravac (an awesome producer from america famous for Blink 182, Less than Jake, 7 Seconds etc.)