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Twitching in my sleep
Nothings new
Don`t move
Come cover me
About Linda Six
Hello!Music is a great hobby and passion of mine, especially composing my own music. I apologise for the poor quality of the first album, but consider it has been recorded in my one-room apartment with cheap gear. The second and third album is recorded in Örebro at, Holger Schellwat, who has better gear. Thoose albums are very simple, just me playing and singing like I would have live. Well, it is not perfect, but then again I'm not a proffesional. And the studio is a simple home studio.The instrument I use is piano and guitar, since those are my main instrument apart from voice. I usually write about experiences in life, and how one might feel about them, and sometimes I just like to tell a story.Well, I hope someone out there enjoy it. Like a painted picture need to be seen, music need to be heard. It is like my songs aren´t complete until I´ve recorded them. I enjoy writing and playing my music, it is a fundamental part of me, and I really hope that I entertain someone out there in this great mess./Linda Six