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Millenium Pt.8
Der Täter
About Like Everybloody Nose
Like Everybloody Nose is a German hardrock band from Gevelsberg, NRW, Germany. Formed in 1999, the band rose local fame in 2000 with its debut EP coming soon.... The band's success continued during the following months on several local stages. On the first concert there was already an audience of 700 people, followed by the Gevelsberg OpenAir-festival Rock in die Ferien and the EU-Rock 2000 concert where Like Everybloddy Nose was the supporting act of Drakkar (Belgium). Umong other local PunkRock, HardRock, Crossover and Metal bands Like Everybloody Nose added the song human to the sampler arranged after the Rock in die Ferien festival. Having adapted the nu metal and rap-rock crossover genres the band explored other genres in the coming years.